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Engagement Photo Locations – How to Choose

March 23, 2022

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Engagement photo of man and woman on the beach in black and white

FIVE Tips for your perfect choice…

How do you decide where to do your engagement photos? What are the most important considerations? Here are 5 tips to make sure you get awesome engagement photos that really capture who you are as a couple.


Consider locations that have special meaning to you.

Consider locations that have special meaning to you both. Think of places you love to go together or a place you’ve been wanting to visit. The location of the marriage proposal might be a great choice.

Even if there isn’t a specific place that has great meaning, there may be types of locations that speak to you as a couple.

In northern California, we have so much to choose from. Beaches, mountains, forests, urban centers, country roads.

With the right photographer, you can make intimate, elegant, epic images in any of these locations. Just choose what fits you best.

Engagement photo of young couple overlooking the ocean.
Moss Bay, California


Consider locations with emotional impact.

Consider how the experience of being photographed will influence how you feel about the images for years to come.

We don’t always remember the details of things that were said or places we’ve been. However, we almost always remember how we felt during important life experiences.

Your engagement session (and certainly your wedding) are significant life events that will inform your memories for the rest of your life.

I suggest choosing a location that will contribute to an amazingly memorable experience that you can reflect upon with fondness for years to come.

Engagement photo of young couple embracing at the beach.
Baker Beach, San Francisco


Consider locations to compliment wedding photos.

Consider how your engagement photos will compliment those from your wedding.

Would you like to have a similar setting for both? Or would you prefer to have a contrast such as an outdoor engagement session and a ballroom wedding?

You’ll also want to keep the timing of your engagement session in mind. It might be nice to have a different seasons for your wedding and your engagements photos.

And of course the seasons will effect your wardrobe so keep that in mind as well.

Cowgirl and boyfriend at sunset in the mountains with their dog.
Santa Cruz Mountains


Dream big. Be Practical.

While I encourage you to dream big and endeavor to have your engagement session wherever you darn well please, there may be practical and logistical limitations to where you can get to and what you can afford.

Bear in mind the possible accessibility challenges due to weather, seasonal closures, or safety concerns.

I’m up for exploring any crazy location idea but we do want to come back in one piece and still have money in the bank. 😉

Engagement photo of young couple in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
Santa Cruz Mountains


Be future minded.

Finally, realize that your engagement images will be the last good photos you have of yourselves together before you were married – from your dating days.

Think ahead 20 or 30 years and imagine how you’d like to remember this time in your life. Now, imagine your future home and where you might have your epic photographs displayed.

Can you see that room in your house? What is the photo hanging on that wall?

This visualization can be really enlightening. By thinking into the distant future, you will have a deeper perspective about what is important to you here in the present.


Northern California locations for inspiration.

To give you some ideas for bay area locations to consider, please check out my location galleries filled with many of the placed where I’ve photographed over the years.

For additional inspiration, you might also explore instagram hashtags like #californiaengagement, #beachengagement, #mountainengagement, #cityengagement, and well… you get the idea.

In Summary

As you can see, I recommend putting some real thought into choosing a location for your engagement session. It really is a special occasion as you are capturing the last great photos of you prior to getting married and starting your new life.

Engagement sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph! I really hope I get to photograph yours so we can turn you into beautiful art and give you images you will take pride in.

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