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Engagement Photo Tips – How to Prepare

March 23, 2022

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Shab & Joe Engagement

To have the best engagement session experience possible, be sure to follow these FIVE pro tips.


Choose the right wardrobe!

Let’s begin by talking about your wardrobe. Your engagement photos are kind of a big deal.

You want to look your best, so I always recommend that you at least dress on the classier side of casual. T-shirts and ripped jeans are probably not what you want to hang on your walls.

I suggest that you bring two outfits. One outfit is dressy casual – like what you might wear out for a special date night.

The second outfit should be something really special – like you might wear to a friend’s wedding. Epic photographs require you to bring the your best game!

As far as designs go, you should avoid busy patterns and garments with writing or symbols. You don’t want clothing that detracts from your lovely faces and your connection to each other.

I suggest choosing colors that express your personality – whatever that may be. However, please DO NOT wear matching clothes. That’s was cute when you were a little kid.

Now, you want to look like a fashionable couple who complement one another.

Shab & Joe Engagement
Lands End, San Francsico


Be ready for whatever weather.

Be sure to consider the expected weather. Choose your clothes so you can be comfortable. I always suggest planning your outfits in layers.

If you’re freezing, your photos won’t be so hot. Certainly bring additional layers just in case.

Also, bring some backup clothes in case you soil or damage anything during the session.

The weather and location will influence what you do with your hair. If you have long hair, you might want to be prepared to put it up if there is wind.

Stanford University Campus, Palo Alto, California


Hair, nails, and makeup.

Its nice to have images with hair both up and down so you have options to choose from. Plus, your hair blowing in the wind might be really gorgeous!

In addition to hair, please make sure your nails look good. There will be closeup shots of the ring and your hands – manicures for both of you are encouraged.

Ok, let’s talk makeup, not so much for the guys. (but that’s up to you, dude.)

If you would be comfortable doing your own hair and makeup on the wedding day, then go ahead and do it for the engagement session. If not, then you might consider having it professionally done for your engagement session as well.

A talented stylist will make you look better. You will FEEL more confident. And the camera will be more forgiving! Go ahead. You deserve it.

Roy’s Redwood Preserve, Nicasio, California


Self care.

So far, these have only addressed your outer appearance. Don’t forget to take care of yourself prior to the session.

Get plenty of rest the night before. Eat a healthy meal. Go for a walk. Get some fresh air. Meditate, if that’s your thing.

Plan ahead and allow plenty of time for traffic and parking. This is important self care because road rage doesn’t make you more photogenic.

Arrive relaxed and ready to have fun. This should be an amazing experience for you both!

Santa Cruz Mountains


Learn to compose yourself like a pro.

This last crucial lesson is a beyond the scope of this post. However, there is another post coming in which I will teach you, from head to toe, how to compose yourself like a pro!

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