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5 Tips for Awesome Wedding Entertainment

March 8, 2022

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Today the guest post series continues with some fantastic tips from a highly respected figure in the San Francisco event entertainment arena.  Natasha Miller, president of Entire Productions, has been programming and supplying top class entertainment worldwide since 2000.

Tip #1 – Dare to be different! Take the road less traveled when selecting your music. Your guests will delight in the unexpected! Instead of a standard string ensemble, hire a special group like the Synchronicity String Quartet that can play classical repertoire and fine-tuned arrangements of your favorite Coldplay or Rihanna hit. The element of surprise is always welcome at a wedding.

Tip #2 – Make a special request repertoire known to the musician(s) as soon as possible! If you want a specific song played at your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner or dancing, let it be known the MOMENT you know, preferably when signing the contract or at least 6 weeks before your wedding so that you give the musician(s) ample time to create an arrangement for their specific instrumentation in time. Artists will typically prepare one extra song and any additional arrangements usually cost extra depending on level of difficulty and instrumentation.

Tip #3 – If you want someone (a friend, family member, etc) to perform at your wedding with the musician(s) you’ve hired, PLEASE arrange for them to rehearse before. It will cost additional to have the professional musicians attend a rehearsal but it will make for a much better performance. Especially if your friend, family member is an amateur or even semi-professional musician. They tend to get nervous and sometimes don’t have the experience with performing with the particular instrumentation they’ll be expected to perform with. 

Tip #4 – Hire musicians from a reputable agency. Agencies handle all of the contracting–a must for both the client and the artists–details, communication with the artists, client and wedding planner, carry the necessary insurance for the artist AND the venue (most independent artists don’t carry this insurance), and hold the artist to a very strict timeline. Agencies can also assist on translating the clients needs and repertoire to the bandleader/artist making sure everyone is on the same page. Ask your wedding planner, caterer, photographer or other wedding vendor to recommend an agency.

Tip #5 – RELAX–After you’ve hired the best talent from a great agency, and have given them your schedule and repertoire, you can concentrate on everything else. Like how amazing you’re going to feel walking down the aisle and seeing all of your friends and family all night long!


Natasha started Entire Productions in 2000, and has been booking talent for special events, producing corporate-sponsored concert series, handling publicity, and serving as a marketing and production consulting service ever since.

She is a classically trained violinist, accomplished songwriter and jazz vocalist. You might have caught her at the Monterey Jazz Festival, headlining at Yoshi’s, and performing in Teatro Zinzanni’s Cabaret Lunatique. She is a recording artist on the Poignant Records label, with 6 critically acclaimed CD’s under her belt. Natasha has had the honor of having her songs placed in feature films as well as on jazz radio stations all over the world.

Natasha has been the recipient of the Business & Professional Women “Women of Achievement in the Arts” award as well as the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award designated by the Alameda Chamber of Commerce.

Entire Productions is a San Francisco-based entertainment production company that programs and supplies musicians and other talent for corporate and social events all over the world.   Their full service A/V and production division provides sound, staging, and lighting, as well as back line, projection, and stage management.

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  1. Wonderful advice, Natasha. Especially #5. Once you have experienced professionals working for you, go ahead and relax. Take some time to arrange the little personal details that will make your celebration memorable for the rest of your life!

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