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5 Great Reasons to do an Engagement Photo Session

November 9, 2011

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If you’ve recently gotten engaged and you have not yet planned an engagement photo session, then you should consider this…

  1. Your engagement photos are all about you and your fiance.  They are not about the flowers or the dress or the cake or any of the other things that wedding photography needs to capture.  Engagement photos are meant to feature your relationship with each other in a relaxed environment.  (and they are fun!)
  2. You can use the engagement photos for your Save-the-Date cards.  Your guests will love the card and will probably pin it up or hang it on the fridge.  Who doesn’t want to be on their friends’ fridge??
  3. Engagement photos are a fantastic way to fill your wedding guest sign-in book.  Every guest will sign it because they will just have to look at all of the photos!
  4. You will soon be married and your engagement days will live in your memories.  Your engagement photos will be a wonderful reminder of your courtship and the sweetness between you and your fiance.
  5. Engagement photos are the perfect way to get to know your wedding photographer so you’re more comfortable with them on your wedding day.  The better you know your photographer, the better your wedding photos will be!

The Knot did a little video piece on Engagement Photography that you might find interesting as well.  It has lots of ideas for how and where you might do the session and how to use the photos.

I consider the Engagement Session to be so important that I include it in all of my wedding photography packages.  Please visit Jim Vetter Photography to see my portfolio!

I hope to be shooting your engagement session soon 😀

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